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The Strongest Superhero – Nothing Gives me a Rush me Like a Thunderstorm Does!

The story of superheroes, their origin and their stupendous act on planet earth has been a passion to every teenager. In fact, the fandom for these superheroes has never had a threshold as far as age is concerned. Age, in fact, is just a number as far as liking for a superhero is concerned. Sticking life-size posters on the bedroom walls and writing desks. Buying shirts and trousers with images of our favorite superheroes had been a crazy act of almost every teenager. The fandom reached a crescendo where we wanted everything that we owned to sport the symbol or the image of our favorite superhero while most of us wanted to turn our dads into one. Though there are many super-heroes starting from Superman to Wonder Woman, the strongest superhero is the Marvel Demigod, Thor.

Strongest Superhero

The Legend of this Superhero:

Thor, a deity belonging to the Norse mythology, is an Asgardian God of Thunder. The truly magical hammer, Mjolnir, that he carries, gives him the absolute power to rule the earth and sky alike making him the predominant superhero among others.  He made his entry during the Siver Age of Comic Books and since then he has been the reigning super-hero.

Odin who decided to teach his son some good manners puts him into the body of a partially disabled medical student Blake, without the memories of his Godhood. One day Blake encounters an alien force and hides in a cave where he finds his long-lost hammer with which he hits a rock and wins back the memories of Thor and his God status. From then on he starts playing a dual role, the role of Thor and Dr.Blake, protecting mankind.

Thor, the strongest of all Asgardians, has lived an incredibly long life consuming the Golden Apples of Idunn. He is extremely fast and is immune to all Earthly diseases. Although there are a lot of heroes who came after Thor no one could stand the tough fight he gave with his hammer. This hammer he holds is still a mystery as no one other than Thor could even move it an inch. There are endless theories that spoke about the Thunder-God and his hammer but none made sense. The man with the hammer in his hand is an unmatched force and no one dared to face it.

Superheroes always come back!

Though we have now come of age and we are well aware that these characters were designed only to entertain and while most of them are just ancient myths, many still believe that these superheroes live somewhere in the remote corners of earth where common man is yet to set his foot and will come back when the world needs them!

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